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Old Clothes Find a New Purpose!


Every girl needs a little black dress… especially one that’s free!

In an effort to raise money for Deserving Décor’s Beds for Kids Campaign I decided to host a clothing swap. It’s a fun approach to yet another fundraiser and one that you don’t feel guilty asking your friends to contribute to.

Here’s how it works: I charged $15.00 at the door and provided a hefty selection of wine, appetizers and desserts for my guests (all from Trader Joes of course). I asked the women to each bring 2-3 clothing items they’ve grown tired of, or let’s face it just don’t fit quite the same way, and have remained in good condition. The items would then be up for grabs for all attendees at no cost.

I can’t tell you how many women showed up with clothes that still had tags on them. I ‘m pretty certain we’ve all committed the fashion felony of permitting a brand new piece of clothing to sit in our closet only to be forgotten and essentially never worn: a crime against fashion, an endowment to the clothing swap selection.

After a few snacks and several glasses of wine, the women were given 15-minutes to peruse the clothing display. Each guest then chose a number written on a mini-wooden spool out of an old cloche hat. In numerical order, the women took turns selecting one item at a time. We continued until the only items left were clearly not meant for forty and over.

We shared a ton of laughs over our picks and nearly every piece of clothing had a story to accompany it. I couldn’t believe how giddy everyone got over clothes. It was nice to see my friends admiring each others contributions. They sort of brought the clothing back to life, so much so I briefly contemplated taking back the very items I put out. Yes, I suppose I was giddy too!

In the end the party was an absolute success. Every woman thanked me for a great night and left feeling excited about their new attire. I on the other hand raised $200.00, just shy of two children’s beds and walked away with a killer black dress – Thanks, Swarna!


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