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Old Clothes Find a New Purpose!


Every girl needs a little black dress… especially one that’s free!

In an effort to raise money for Deserving Décor’s Beds for Kids Campaign I decided to host a clothing swap. It’s a fun approach to yet another fundraiser and one that you don’t feel guilty asking your friends to contribute to.

Here’s how it works: I charged $15.00 at the door and provided a hefty selection of wine, appetizers and desserts for my guests (all from Trader Joes of course). I asked the women to each bring 2-3 clothing items they’ve grown tired of, or let’s face it just don’t fit quite the same way, and have remained in good condition. The items would then be up for grabs for all attendees at no cost.

I can’t tell you how many women showed up with clothes that still had tags on them. I ‘m pretty certain we’ve all committed the fashion felony of permitting a brand new piece of clothing to sit in our closet only to be forgotten and essentially never worn: a crime against fashion, an endowment to the clothing swap selection.

After a few snacks and several glasses of wine, the women were given 15-minutes to peruse the clothing display. Each guest then chose a number written on a mini-wooden spool out of an old cloche hat. In numerical order, the women took turns selecting one item at a time. We continued until the only items left were clearly not meant for forty and over.

We shared a ton of laughs over our picks and nearly every piece of clothing had a story to accompany it. I couldn’t believe how giddy everyone got over clothes. It was nice to see my friends admiring each others contributions. They sort of brought the clothing back to life, so much so I briefly contemplated taking back the very items I put out. Yes, I suppose I was giddy too!

In the end the party was an absolute success. Every woman thanked me for a great night and left feeling excited about their new attire. I on the other hand raised $200.00, just shy of two children’s beds and walked away with a killer black dress – Thanks, Swarna!


Happy Thanksgiving


I am thankful for all of you, our volunteers, donors & supporters. Without you, our clients would not have a table & chairs to share their Thanksgiving meal or a bed to sleep in. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh! The Things You Can Do With A Good Night’s Sleep


Oh! The things you can do with a good night’s sleep.
You will jump out of bed and hop to your feet.

You will dream through the night. Wake up early with good rest.
Greet the day with a smile – ready to do your best.

You will feel awake and alert. The day ahead will seem bright.
Your head won’t be foggy. Things will appear just right.

Oh! The things you can do with a good night’s sleep.
Your brain will work better.
You will learn more in class.
You will have energy when running…every kid you will pass.

You will no longer need an afternoon nap.
The doctor will say… “You are a healthy chap.”
There is much to be gained from a good night’s sleep.
You will grow like a tree from the branches you’ll leap.

Oh! The things YOU can do to help a child get a good night’s sleep.
You can donate here at Deserving Decor. We provide beds to children who sleep on the floor.
With your contribution a twin bed  a child will keep.
In their home it will go for them to have a warm place to sleep!

Please send checks to:
Deserving Decor
PO Box 1055
Doylestown, PA 18901

or donate online with a credit card http://www.deservingkidsneedbeds.org/

Many hands make light work ~

Election Day


It’s Election Day! As I cast my vote for the next President of The United States, I am grateful for our democracy. Democracy is government by the people; a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges.  How we utilize these freedoms varies from person to person.

We are a society of different cultures, values, beliefs and political views. This was ubiquitous at the polls this morning. Voters quietly discussed their preference for the country while shuffling through the long line to vote. At times a communal cheer for Hillary could be heard from the parking lot, while others simultaneously promoted Trump – even a few Third Party supporters chimed in, but it was all very civil.

I looked around at the large group of people who have gathered in the same place for the same reason, but with different intentions. A portion of this group most likely has values and ideas that closely match my own, while others endorse something vastly different – but that’s what a democracy is and I’m good with it!

After casting my vote I drove away feeling patriotic and relatively significant. I decided to continue my day and hopefully the days to follow in a democratic state of mind.  I will consciously respect other’s opinions regardless of how much they differ from mine. I will not judge someone based on their choices and I will be more open minded to other’s ideas and situations, not just in a political realm but in everyday life – unless I’m watching CNN, then all bets are off!


It’s the day after Halloween, time to take down the frightening decorations and replace them with golden pumpkins, glass turkeys, colorful leaves and an ornamental garland that encompasses the essence of FALL.

As I sneak my tenth mini Twix bar from my child’s hard earned – overly stuffed trick or treating bag, I make sure the garland hangs evenly in the entrance way. It’s a beautiful display of wooden leaves attached to a twisted manila rope. Each leaf has a different colored letter painted on it spelling out the word THANKFUL!

I stare at it a few moments longer. I’ve gotten so use to putting up these decorations, I wonder if I have overlooked its true message? So I ask myself, what am I thankful for at this very moment?  Aside from the large selection of candy displayed in front of me, I would say my home.

We recently sold our home of ten years and moved into a new space. My husband and I didn’t find the perfect house just yet so we decided to rent. The new place is very charming with finer upgrades, a large finished basement, two fireplaces and a lot more space than our previous house.  But to the children it still wasn’t home – at least not at first.

It took some time for Lily and Liam to adjust to the new house. Familiar furnishings and decorations offered a spot of comfort.  My husband and I worked diligently to get everything unpacked and organized within the first two weeks of moving in. I knew in order for the children to be happy in the new house it needed to feel like home.  A few weeks later, we were back in the swing of things. My husband painted the walls, my seasonal decorations were up and everyone knew where to find their belongings (everyone except my husband).  Most of all we had made the house our home.

As I think about how fortunate I am to have a home that offers my children comfort and security, I can’t help but to think of so many of the women and children who Deserving Décor has helped over the years.  Many of these women moved into a space with their children with no furniture or belongings because many of them were forced to flee abruptly, leaving everything behind. They entered their new residence without cooking utensils, sheets, towels, lamps, couches and worst of all a bed to sleep in; and no money to purchase them. With your help, Deserving Décor is able to provide families with basic household necessities and some decorative items in an effort to give these women the very same reason to be thankful!