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Living Philanthropic – A Year of Giving

What would you attempt if you could attempt anything?    No fears! 

 What would you change if you could change anything?   No repercussions!       

 What would you give if you could give anything?  No limits!

Think about it for a second… 

I recently came upon an interesting article about a guy from Chicago attempting change through giving!  I’d like to introduce to you a new concept in philanthropy.  Living Philanthropic proves it doesn’t have to be hundreds or thousands of dollars.  I’d take it one step further to say, it doesn’t even have to be money.  Say you don’t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to give, who does?  Say you don’t have any money?  You can effectuate change by giving your time and your talent by volunteering.  Be creative!

Read the article below and be inspired to answer one or all three of the questions asked above.


Introduction by Cheryl A Galowitch, Deserving Decor Volunteer