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Don’t Settle for Good Enough

“Don’t settle for mediocrity; never let good enough be good enough.”
— Joel Osteen

I love this quote on so many levels.  It’s the perfect reminder to always strive to be better, to do better, and to expect better.

“It’s good enough” are three words that really stuck with me after my first in-person meeting with Beth Baker, Founder and Executive Director of Deserving Decor.  If you don’t know Beth or her organization, she is someone you really ought to know. Her work and her cause are absolutely inspiring and meeting her has made me want to do better myself.

As I met with Beth for the first time and learned about Deserving Decor, a grassroots community organization, and more importantly what Beth Baker had accomplished to date, I was in complete awe. She reminded me that one person can make a difference and that no act was too small.    

For a few years now, I’ve been looking for a way to give back and channel some of my creative energy toward helping a greater good, but I’m a working Mom of two so finding time in my busy schedule has gotten in the way, but I finally decided that I didn’t want to use that as an excuse anymore and that I could find the time.  

When researching nonprofits in the Bucks County area, I came across Deserving Decor and knew that it was an organization I could really get behind.  Their mission is providing new twin beds, gently used furniture and household goods to women and children transitioning from domestic violence, homelessness, and teens aging out of foster care, in Bucks County.

Since it’s humble beginnings in 2008, the organization has helped provide over 300 families with a functional living space to call home, while they rebuild their lives. The more I learned about Deserving Decor, the more I wanted to get involved.  

Beth believes a home is a person’s sanctuary and it should look nice for them, which is why she started the organization’s DIY for Good Program.  

People would often donate old furniture and decor that was “good enough.”  To Beth, it wasn’t.  The families Beth helps are going through very tough times and she doesn’t want to furnish their new home with items that were just “good enough,” she wants these families to receive pretty things that will bring them peace and comfort as they start their new beginning.  

Many of the people Deserving Decor helps still need convincing that they themselves are good enough so by giving them refurbished furnishings to help them create a place to call home, Beth is making a huge impact and giving them hope. She is telling them they are good enough and they deserve better.

For more information about Deserving Decor and to learn how to get involved with their DIY for Good program, visit www.deservingdecor.org or email beth@deservingdecor.org.